Who are we?

The Royal Belgian Ski & Snowboard Federation is here to promote and support snow sports in Belgium. It organizes and coordinates it’s actions between the three community leagues (federations): Sneeuwsport Vlaanderen (SVL), Fédération Francophone Belge de Ski (FFBS) and Ostbelgischer Ski- und Wintersportverband (OSWV).

Our vision statement

A federation that allows its athletes to reach the highest level of performance in different snow sport disciplines.

Our mission statement

To coordinate at international and national level by :

  • ensuring contacts with the International Ski Federation (FIS) and foreign federations
  • organizing all contacts within the Belgian Olympic and Interfederal Committee (BOIC)
  • supporting the various leagues dependent on the RBSF
  • establishing and supervizing of national commissions for the different snow sport disciplines

To support sports elites by :

  • selecting and preparing national and international sports elites
  • supporting promising athletes to allow them to reach the highest level in snow sports
  • ensuring the set up and coordination of accompanying staff at national and international competitions

To base and promote its action on the Olympic and sporting values by :

  • promoting and ensuring compliance with ethical and deontological values
  • ensuring compliance with the rules during competitions
  • implementing actions that promote the discovery of snow sports and its promotion
  • informing and empowering athletes on their rights and duties